Plunger valves Nencini : a special adjustable actuation

Nencini plunger valves

Last month we have completed and delivered two plunger valves for a power plant in the South of Italy. These two control valves have special actuation that was fully engineered by our Technical Department.

The challenge was to set a variable limit in the open position that adjusts the output to different seasonal conditions. Normal position of the valve is open. The desired maximum open position is previously set and then maintained by means of a hydraulic circuit powering the valve actuation unit. A hydraulic servomotor spring return type is adopted for this particular application.

Type: plunger valves Quantity: 2 DN: 1000 PN: 10 Body: Structural Steel  Tightness: metal-to-metal type, maintenance free.

Tested on February 28th, the two valves are currently installed on site.

We will keep you updated. Some pictures form the plant will be displayed soon.