Quality policy and continuous improvement

Nencini is committed to product and service quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

It is essential that Nencini conduct its operations:

provide products and services that fully meet applicable requirements, standards and specifications;
support the customer in choosing the best technological solution for the required application;
to ensure the profitability and sustainability of the company.

The goals are:

  • do not obtain complaints;
  • achieve benchmark performance in terms of customer satisfaction and delivery;
  • fully comply with all applicable standards of the water industry;
  • and continuously improve business efficiency.

To achieve these objectives the following requirements must be applied:

  • managers at all levels must ensure compliance with this policy statement;
  • all employees and contractors must be aware of their impact on quality and customer satisfaction and act accordingly;
  • the quality management system must be planned taking into account applicable standards as well as risks and opportunities;
  • specific KPIs and objectives must be defined and measured for all processes and activities that affect quality and customer satisfaction, in accordance with this policy statement;
  • efficient procedures must be developed and followed for all processes and activities that affect quality and customer satisfaction;
  • Regular checks must be carried out to ensure compliance with procedures, standards and this policy statement;
  • all quality issues and non-conformities must be reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent their recurrence;
  • the management periodically reviews the quality management system, the related documents and results;
  • Employees and contractors must be properly trained to work in accordance with applicable procedures.

This policy is fundamental for the well-being and growth of the company. Helping to achieve these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at Nencini.

Vittorio FILIPPI
Managing Director