Materials and coatings

The decision of the type of material used depends on the following two operational factors:

  1. The mechanical resistance to the stress and wear that the Valve must endure.
  2. The chemical resistance when in contact with the flow (i.e. corrosive) and external agents and / or atmosphere.

The choice of the materials and of their eventual surface treatment is therefore an important part of the design and production of this type of valve. Nencini provides the best options for materials, to ensure high-quality products at a competitive price.

Nencini utilizes a vast range of materials, such that any need of our customer can be met. In the case that our customer requests a specific material according to International Standards (DIN; ISO; ASTM, etc), we are always open to evaluate its use for the specific application. Furthermore, we actively follow trends and innovations, such that we keep our leading position in the industry and provide the best possible products to you.

Main materials and coatings :

  1. ductile cast iron
  2. cast carbon steel
  3. aluminium bronze
  4. stainless steel (standard types, duplex and super duplex)
  5. structural steel
  6. special alloys (Inconel, Monel, etc.)
  7. standard painting applications, FBE lining, Halar lining (in compliance with worldwide water authorities for potable, sea or raw water)
  8. other on demand.

Welding on a valve’s body in Nencini workshop

Welding on a non-return axial valve’s body in Nencini workshop