Ball Valves and Spherical Valves

Nencini Spherical valve  - Ethiopia

Spherical valve  DN 1500 PN 40

Ball and Spherical Valves

Mainly used in hydroelectric power plants when high values of flow rate speed and/or pressure rating are required.


maintenance operation
emergency / safety closing operation
as penstock valve

The main feature of the valves produced by Nencini is the actuation of the two movable seal rings, one on upstream and one on downstream side of the valves. They ensure the perfect tightness of the valve and in the same time the upstream one can be used as maintenance tool to work on the downstream one.


hydraulic power plants
discharge systems
pumping stations.

Customization on demand.

Technical Data

Size DN 500 <> 2200
DN 20“ <> 84“
Pressure range PN  10 <> 100
ANSI  150 <> 600
Actuation Manual, by counterweight, electric and hydraulic

Spherical valve DN 1500 PN 40
Detail with dismantling joint

Nencini Ball valve - Algeria

Ball valve DN 1400 ASME/ANSI 600