Multijet Rotative Valves

Nencini Multijet rotative valve - Saudi Arabia

Multijet rotative valve DN 1500 PN 25
Saudi Arabia

Multijet rotative valve DN 600 PN 16

Multijet Rotative Valves

Nencini designs and produces multijet rotative valves.

The simplicity of the design allows this valve to work under heavy flow condition for a long time. It is composed by one multi-hole plate assembled between two propeller-shaped plates, one fixed and the other rotating on the common axis. The valve control the flow operating in the full range between two end positions:

open when the blades of the two propellers are perfectly aligned
closed when the blades of the movable propeller overlap the empty room of the fixed propeller.

The multi-hole plate provides a downstream flow in evenly distributed jets.


water distribution systems
supply of reclaimed water for agricultural use and recharge of basins
headwork of water treatment plants
flow relief for pump, turbine by-pass and other hydroelectric utility applications
water intake at the bottom of dams and discharge control.

Customization on demand.

Technical Data

Size DN 100 <> 2000
DN 4“ < > 80“
Pressure range PN 10 < > 64
ASME/ANSI 150 < >300
Actuation Manual, electric or hydraulic

Multijeta rotative valve DN 500 PN 25
Saudi Arabia