Non-return Axial Valves

Non-return axial Valves - Saudi Arabia

Non-return axial Valves DN 80 ASME/ANSI 150
Saudi Arabia

Non-return axial valve DN 1400 ASME/ANSI 600

Non-return axial valve - Lebanon

Non-return axial valve DN 1600 PN 25

Non-return Valves

Non-return axial valves : one-way valves allowing the fluid to flow in only one direction and preventing the backflow.

Main features

optimization of the aerodynamic flow
path through the valve, which allows
little pressure losses
highly responsive non-slam operation.

Nencini valves work perfectly in very demanding operating condition.


prevention of reverse flow
prevention of water-hammer
pump protection.

Customization on demand.

Technical Data

Size DN 100 <> 1500
DN 4“ <> 60“
Pressure range PN  10 <> 100
ASME/ANSI  150 <> 600
Actuation It remains in open position during normal flow.
A drop in the flow rate causes the spring to move, thereby closing the valve.