The Company

Established since 1967, Nencini brings 55 years of design and manufacturing experience to accomplish any job efficiently and effectively.

Initially producing air valves for hydraulic power plant and discharge valves for potable and irrigation water pipelines, we expanded our production to include large energy-dissipating valves for hydraulic power plants, and discharge valves for dams. Our manufacturing knowledge and expertise is reinforced by the deep understanding of cavitation and vibration phenomena. This engineering know-how led us to the design and manufacture of more durable and efficient valves. With increasing global demands for special applications, Nencini plays an important role in the supply of customized hydraulic valves currently installed in many different water utility systems around the world.

In 2022 Nencini becomes a member of OMB Valves Group. The international network of the Group, as well as the commercial and technical synergies, are the key-factors for the development of Nencini.

The Team

The success of Nencini would not have been possible without the dedications of all our team members. We are especially proud of our technical and production department consisting of highly qualified engineers, managers and skilled workers with high integrity. Our strength lies in the engineering know-how, in working with European materials while putting great emphasize on quality.