Hydraulic Gates, Penstocks and Stoplogs

Hydraulic Gates, Penstocks and Stoplogs

Generally used as guard valves in high-pressure outlet for dams, the gates operate in wide open or full closed position and therefore are suitable for all on/off applications. According to the project requirements Nencini engineers and produces several kinds of hydraulic gates:

slide gates
ring follower gates
radial gates.

Penstocks and stoplogs are low pressure intake devices for channels, tanks and basins, and are usually wall-mounted. The normal position is the open one, they close when maintenance is required. To allow an easy handling, stoplogs are usually composed by several units that must be lift by a lifting beam and positioned one on top of the other to reach a level higher than the required water level.

Materials :

body in structural steel (carbon or stainless steel)
leaf (for gates) in structural steel (carbon or stainless steel)
sliding guides in stainless steel, bronze or special alloy
tightness system : metal on metal or by soft seal (EPDM, NBR, Teflon, etc.).

Applications :

hydraulic power plants (gates)
low-pressure intakes in channels, tanks and
basins (penstocks and stoplogs).

Customization on demand.

Technical Data

Size Round bore
Up to DN 2000
Up to DN 80“Square bore
Up to 2000x2000mm
Up to 80x80“

Rectangular bore
Up to 2500x3500mm
Up to 100x130“

Other on demand.

Pressure range PN  6 <> 64
ASME/ANSI  150 <> 300
Actuation Electric or hydraulic
Manual, electric or hydraulic


Gate 1500x1500 PN 10 - Vietnam

Nencini Gate DN 1500 PN 10 Italy

Gate DN 1500 PN 10

Penstock 1000x1000 - Saudi Arabia