Custom-made Italian waterworks valves. Since 1967.

Established in 1967, Nencini brings over 55 years of design and manufacturing experience to accomplish any job efficiently and effectively. Initially producing air valves for hydraulic power plant and discharge valves for potable and irrigation water pipelines, we expanded our production to include large energy-dissipating valves for hydraulic power plants, and discharge valves for dams.

Production range

Air valves Control valves Discharge valves for hydraulic power plants On/Off valves for hydraulic systems Check valves


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Quality System : ISO 9001 certified

Featured products

Air Valves

We design and manufacture Air Release Valves, Vacuum Breakers and Combination Air Valves to manage the air in water mains.

Control Valve Nencini

Control Valves

We design and manufacture Double Flanged Sleeve Valves, Altitude Control Valves and Needle Valves to control flow rate and pressure

Check valve Nencni

Check Valves

Nencini designs and manufactures Non-Return Axial Valves to prevent any backflow

Discharge Valves Nencini

Discharge Valves

Nencini designs and manufactures Double Flanged Sleeve Valves and engineers the stilling basin for residual dissipation. Nencini designs and manufactures Fixed Cone Valves.

On Off Valves Nencini

On Off Valves

Nencini designs and manufactures Butterfly valves, Ball valves, Spherical valves, Large gates for hydroelectric power plants and for water systems, Penstocks and Stoplogs for hydroelectric power plants.